Somehow (and maybe I populated all possible locations with the civserver bin) the server now starts but got a "couldn't connect to server" log msg. Can that be related to the fact I got a warning when compiling civserver in sernet.c : civserver/sernet.c:812: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 3 of 'accept' differ in signedness
May I ignore this warning and go on or do I have to fix it first?



Le 18 juin 07 à 11:20, François Marlier a écrit :

Hello list,

still porting freeciv to Cocoa OSX through SDL in Xcode, I now don't have anymore bugs on opening units, technology and taxes window. I now need to be able to start the server from within SDL. I've seen that the code to launch the server is in connectdlg_common.c and that I can possibly hard code path to civserver here (line 290-293) :
/* these won't return on success */
    execvp("./ser", argv);
    execvp("./server/civserver", argv);
    execvp("civserver", argv);
but it doesn't seem sufficient enough... Is FREECIV_PATH of any help here?



for some reason (filter?) one of my previous message didn't make it through the list, so just to tell you I changed email address for the list (to a less "noisy" email account). Vasco are making music? Your name rings a bell here.

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