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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> On 6/10/07, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> What tileset?
> Any.
Using my improved error logging (most recently r13003 for S2_1), we
discovered that this was not accurate.

As I mentioned in the previous message, all the S2_1 tilesets have t.ocean1,
except for trident.  I've wasted far too many cycles trying to figure out
what's wrong with amplio (the default).

Sure enough, the new verbose output is:

3: Reading registry from 
3: Reading registry from 
0: Don't have graphics tags "t.ocean1" or "" for base (blend) terrain "Ocean".

This is not a problem with "any" tileset, it's a problem with trident!
That's no surprise, as trident doesn't have blending....

I've checked trident/tiles.spec back to 1.14, and there's never been any
t.ocean1, so it appears an old logic error in the code.  Looks like
improved error logging actually found it!

Unfortunately, it's rather obscure code.  :-(  It's been completely
re-written in trunk. :-)  If possible, I'll make it more like trunk.

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