Thanks for this addictive game. 
Maybe I can contribute my library to generate names (cities, people,
rivers lakes).

I started to write it as a dirty hack for role playing.
Now I am at the next step: including it as a library into other
The last few months it matured. Now at least the version in CVS is ready
for inclusion into other projects.

I know you have a list of names in freeciv (player names and cities).
libnamegen is a small posix only library (win and linux) which uses
rules and databases to generate the names.

It even is able to distinguish between names of noble and common people.
(See 0/rome)

Examples can be seen at http://libnamegen.sourceforge.net/examples.html

Having it inserted into other projects will increase the name database
very fast.

If you are interested, or have special wishes, just write back.

Thorsten Sick
Ich denke, also bin ich hier falsch

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