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After my travails trying to integrate toluaxx, I'm back to my original
thought that (like gettext) lua should *optionally* be included for
systems that don't already have a lua package (--with-included-lua).

That is, for cross-building only.

Lua is already available as a package on most *nix distributions, including
MacOSX ports, and easy enough for M$Windows.

Indeed, toluaxx should never be included at all!  It is used solely to
build a _gen, and that _gen would already be compiled for cross-builds.
Thus, it is never really needed in the base code....

This would also remedy the problem that for cross-builds, these two tools
must be built first for the native system (just to make the _gen), and then
re-built for the target system.  That doesn't happen now, and looks to be
difficult in the current automake system.

I had proposed this in an earlier thread, but now I'm making it a separate
formal proposal.  It would save a lot of developer effort.

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