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Ties-Jan wrote:
> Attached I have a savegame with the error.
> Load the game and start as Ivan the Terrible (Russian). The game will crash.
Thanks for the report.  You'll have to go back to your old savegame!


*** malloc: vm_allocate(size=553717760) failed (error code=3)
*** malloc[22530]: error: Can't allocate region
0: Detected fatal error in mem.c line 41:
0: Out of memory trying to malloc 553713668 bytes at line 224 of attribute.c.
shared.c:716: failed assertion `FALSE'
Abort trap


     pvalue = fc_malloc(value_length + 4);

Sadly, the code says this is a known bug:

       /* There are some untraceable attribute bugs caused by the CMA that
        * can cause this to happen.  I think the only safe thing to do is
        * to delete all attributes.  Another symptom of the bug is the
        * value_length (above) is set to a random value, which can also
        * cause a bug. */


  This method isn't endian safe and there will also be problems if
  sizeof(int) at serialization time is different from sizeof(int) at
  deserialization time.

(heavy sigh)  This is just so wrong....

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