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> [wsimpson - Søn. 08. Jul. 2007 13:56:22]:
> Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> >  This has been discussed in #37436.
> > 
> I'd prefer the solution discussed there, ruleset definable flags.
> But keep this ticket open to implement it!
Ok, Agreed

1. What about separate solutions, use two Custom1/Custom2 flags in the
2.1 branch and make it customizable in trunk?

2. We have to make a difference between some flags and other flags. The
Airbase flag is clearly only used in the ruleset, that's a "custom type"
flag. But some flags, like "AddToCity", "Cities" etc are used in the
client interface (orders menu) etc. So we have to make a list of
"default flags" that are used in the actual code and "custom flags" that
are only used in the ruleset. We have both right now in the code, and we
should reasonably only allow (or recommend) renaming the custom type flags.

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