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Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:
> 1. What about separate solutions, use two Custom1/Custom2 flags in the
> 2.1 branch and make it customizable in trunk?
I strongly disagree.  Only bug fixes for 2.1 branch.

If my nations for my scenario from 18 months ago were too recent to add
to 2.1, then this scenario flag stuff is *much* too recent.

Besides, look at my commits and notice how long it takes to commit the
same thing to 3 branches!  Even though I write it all in advance, it
still has to be written up and logged.

> 2. We have to make a difference between some flags and other flags.
> ... We have both right now in the code, and we
> should reasonably only allow (or recommend) renaming the custom type flags.
All the flags in the rulesets should be customizable.  Menus can test for
flags, too.  It's just data.  No "renaming".

The current clients really need to be re-written to be more data driven.

Yeah, it's a big job....  There's a reason that other folks proposed the
same thing, and then didn't implement it.  ;-)

I'd suggest working on fixing S2_1 bugs until you *really* understand
the client code base.


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