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> [use_less - Fr 08. Okt 2004, 08:23:58]:
> On win32, LOCALEDIR is always set by configure to $prefix/share/locale.
>  However $prefix cannot be known ahead of time on win32, since the user
> can install freeciv pretty much anywhere, and win32 users use binaries
> instead of the configure->build->install path.
> This patch modifies configure.ac to set LOCALEDIR to "./share/locale". 
> It also moves the win32 check up so the result can be used in the
> assignment for LOCALEDIR.
> -James Canete

The patch was applied to trunk back then (so the problem is fixed in
S2_1 and trunk now), but it's also needed for S2_0. Updated patch for
current S2_0 attached.

Index: configure.ac
--- configure.ac	(revision 13078)
+++ configure.ac	(working copy)
@@ -268,10 +268,6 @@
-dnl note this has to match the path installed by po/Makefile
-CPPFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DLOCALEDIR=\"\\\"$datadir/locale\\\"\""
 if test -n "$GCC"; then
@@ -321,6 +317,13 @@
   LIBS="$LIBS -lwsock32"
+dnl note this has to match the path installed by po/Makefile
+if test x"$MINGW32" != "xyes"; then
+  CPPFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DLOCALEDIR=\"\\\"$datadir/locale\\\"\""
+  AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(LOCALEDIR, "./share/locale", [Locale directory (windows)])
 dnl Check for zlib (needed for libpng)
 AC_CHECK_LIB(z, gzgets, , 
   AC_MSG_ERROR([Could not find zlib library.]), )
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