2007/7/9, William Allen Simpson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=39427 >
> This has nothing to do with city_style & unit_class name translation,
> which is in C and is completed.  Please open a new report.
> Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:
> > In the scripting api, Unit_Type.name disappeared with this patch (in
> > api.pkg). How is it going to be replaced? The tutorial uses it (although
> > there are also syntax errors now, that need to be fixed with type ->
> > utype and :type() -> .utype).
> >
> AFAICT Unit_Type.name was never actually filled with data.  So, I deleted
> it, and all the others with invalidly named access functions.
> The rule names are searched for in api_find.*
> I am aware of the long-standing syntax errors; Per had committed a fix to
> trunk, but not to S2_1.  I'm assuming he had a good reason.
> > We (probably) need some way to get translated names of Unit_Types,
> > Impr_Types etc in the scripting api.
> >
> Already in api_intl.*

Thanks for the answers. It's right about the names; I didn't
understand it at first, now I think I have to update the tutorial.sav.
I am going to post a new version soon, I think we can fix it easily;
especially if there aren't going to be any scripting changes for the
branch, then I can't think of any reason not to fix it so it works
with freeciv as it is in the repository.

-- Ulrik

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