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The patch attached by cproc is needed to return the client(s) to the
main page when the server disconnects in a lot of cases. It should
probably be committed soon.

> [dmarks - Tir. 03. Jul. 2007 02:48:09]:
> S2_1 r13041 on MacOSX 10.3.9:
> To reproduce, start a new civserver, join it with the SDL client,
> while the client is showing the pregame screen, terminate civserver;
> now click the Back button in the client and the game freezes showing
> the start splash without a main menu.
>  ~Daniel

This issue is fixed by cproc's patch, but another bug shows; when the
client now goes back to the main page, the main page is only overlaid on
the 'game setup' page and they both show and overlap each other.

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