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On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 08:49:55PM -0700, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> The other way, 2.1 => 2.0 would be "reverse" compatibility.  I have no
> interest in retrofitting old versions to read newer versions.

hmm. there has been a somewhat concerted effort in the past to make 
savegames both backwards and forwards compatible. That was the point of
savegame capabilities and a lot of thought before making any changes to the
savegame format. Retrofitting previous versions is pointless I agree.

> Indeed, 2.1 doesn't save map.l lines, so 2.0 will exit with error.

I've had my head in the sand for the past year or so I grant, but this was
necessary for what reason?

> We should be able to read old savegames, but not those that are
> completely incompatible.  AFAIK, the current cutoff is 1.14.x.

This shouldn't be the case AFAIK. I recall that there was a compatibility
break in Jan 2001...


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