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While I was changing tilesets, the sections now are [tile_*], instead of
[terrain_*] (the latter is already used in terrain.ruleset).

And "cell_type" is now "sprite_type", matching its actual function.
The default (a "whole" tile) made no sense at all as a type of cell --
by definition a fraction of a tile.

And more useful parameter names are used (added in an earlier patch),
in this instance "corner" -- for a corner sprite.  The old "rect" wasn't
very enlightening, and in most tilesets isn't even rectangular.

Internally, variables that are not "terrain" were renamed to their
(current) use.  My guess is that once-upon-a-time the tiles and
terrain were joined.  Now, several terrain can use the same graphic,
and each tile graphic actually be many cell sprites.

Various indexed arrays (used over and over) were changed to use pointers.

Committed trunk revision 13104.

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