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SVN 2.1.99 17 JUL 2007

Look at the output:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ LANG= civclient --help
Usage: civclient [option ...]
Valid options are:
  -a, --autoconnect     Skip connect dialog
  -d, --debug NUM       Set debug log level (0 to 3)
  -h, --help            Print a summary of the options
  -l, --log FILE        Use FILE as logfile (spawned server also uses
  -m, --meta HOST       Connect to the metaserver at HOST
  -n, --name NAME       Use NAME as name
  -p, --port PORT       Connect to server port PORT
  -P, --Plugin PLUGIN   Use PLUGIN for sound output [none, sdl]
  -r, --read FILE       Read startup script FILE (for spawned server
  -s, --server HOST     Connect to the server at HOST
  -S, --Sound FILE      Read sound tags from FILE
  -t, --tiles FILE      Use data file FILE.tilespec for tiles
  -v, --version         Print the version number
      --                Pass any following options to the UI.
                        Try "civclient -- --help" for more.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ LANG= civclient -- --help
Report bugs at http://bugs.freeciv.org/.

The second command doesn't do what it says, and the bug report address
is hardly found by users.


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