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I use Freeciv-2.1.0-beta4-win32-sdl-setup.exe in Windows XP. I also use 
multiple desktops with Dexpot. When i put Freeciv on "desktop 2" in 
window-mode an change to "desktop 1", then everything works fine. But if 
i use Freeciv on "desktop 2" in fullscreen-mode and change to "desktop 
1" then i have the freeciv-task in the taskbar on "desktop 1" AND 
"desktop 2". That's not that cool if you like to play fullscreen and 
hide the game quickly.  ;-) 

Also if i right-click the freeciv-task in the taskbar in window-mode, i 
have a menu. If i do the same in fullscreen-mode after changing back to 
desktop with "ALT + TAB" i don't have a menu. I suppose that's the 
reason for the "bug" above.

Thanks in advance for your patience.


Scheich Xodox

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