Hi, Alexander!

 AI is so bad now, that I start thinking should we work on AI?
 In order to make game faster you need to learn art of play
 thoroughly. ;) I normally have two worklists Peace and War.
 Peace contains city improvements, city must have, and
 War is extended Peace, which builds Howitzer + 2*Mech. Inf.
 (or other units if these are not available). It works very good
 for me. Every turn I check list of the cities (I use gtk2 client).
 Normally I pick up 3-5 worst cities and give them improvement
 they need (it has option to add production to the beginning
 of work list). City dialog is your friend, you would be amazed
 how well you will perform using it. ;)
 But AI... We must do something with it.

Thanks, Daniil.

On 31/07/07, Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> thank you for making one of the greatest games. I love to play freeciv, but 
> unfortunately I don't have enough time to enjoy the game till the end, 
> especially when it comes to expansion (when I have to visit each city and 
> make sure they build what I need). Can you introduce the option to delegate 
> all management of the cities to the AI and leave the strategy to the player 
> so that one could
> 1. define a few options of how the empire should be governed
> 2. override city production only in the cities where I need it
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Alexander
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