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On 05/08/07, Marko Lindqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I noticed that client does not handle end_phase packet (and other
> late turn packets) until server has sent several new turn related
> packets. Even if this relates to some buffer usage, not receiving some
> of these packets in timely manner is certainly bug.
>  I'm not 100% sure that server sends the packets in time.

 Server is not sending packets.

 It turned out that PACKET_FREEZE_HINT / PACKET_THAW_HINT pair is used
for two different purposes (and this doesn't work, of course).
 When delta network code notices PACKET_FREEZE_HINT, it will not send
anything until it notices PACKET_THAW_HINT. This includes
 Client uses PACKET_FREEZE_HINT / PACKET_THAW_HINT to freeze reports
and such. Clearly at least some of the server side code is written for
this use, and not to block all network traffic.

 - ML

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