On 10/08/07, Marko Lindqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  I just noticed that at least several commits to S2_1 have contained
> po file msgid changes without marking strings fuzzy. So translators
> are not likely to catch what they should fix.
>  I guess I have to go through those commits and manually mark each
> affected string fuzzy. This of course leads to duplicate work for
> translators who have already checked those changes (as they will
> appear as fuzzy again...)

 I tried that. It's not fun and it takes more time than I'd like to
invest (and probably has to be done separately for trunk too...).  But
then there's problem with what those translations replaced by
developer actually are. Even when they are fuzzy, I would feel much
better if we still had old translations around instead of what is
guessed to be proper new translation.
 I considered reverting changes made to .po files by certain
revisions, then running 'make update-po' and manually correcting only
syntax errors. Sadly this seems almost impossible without losing all
the changes to translations during last couple of months.

 - ML

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