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With rndCiv i use Wonders to define special races,
ie if you build "The Elves" wonder you can build Elvish units.

I found that this didn't work, so i made building "The Elves"
allowed you to build "Elveshome" in your cities which allowed
you to build Elvish units.

Of course, if you build an "Elveshome" and lose "The Elves"
you can still build Elvish units.  If you conquer a city with
a "Elveshome" you can build Elves.

It's fiddly and annoying, but i can live with it.

But i also had, "Lizardman Nests" as wonders, but couldn't
build Lizardmen warriors unless i create a City Improvement
that can only be built with the Wonder, to allow the units
to be built - it's ugly.

I also wanted special case units, like..
    Foreign Legion: requires Eiffel Tower
    Men In Black:   requires NSA
    Evil Magician:  requires Temple of Doom
    Angel:          requires Holy City

It would be simpler for me, and prolly for the code, if Wonders
could allow certain units to be built, either on a City, Island,
Nation, or Planet wide basis.

This wouldn't affect the default rulesets, but would allow more
complexity in mods.

Civ ties special units to a Nation, i think this is stupid.
Ie, Germany and the Panzer, the real reason Germany had the Panzer
is not that it's inherent in their national makeup, but that tanks
were new and Germany having being beaten in WWI engaged in a complete
rethink of their military doctrine - it's context dependent.


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