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The Partisan flag has two special requirements...
   1) one unit must have it
   2) only one unit can have it

This makes things a wee bit complicated for rndCiv.

My request is that the Partisan flag becomes just a flag
for indicating which units may become Partisans, with these
   1) it's ok to have no Partisan units
   2) Partisan units appearing still depends on Inspire_Partisans
      effect - which becomes generalised in the effects.ruleset
   3) it's ok to have many Partisan units, the units that appear
      will be determined by what's available & not obsoleted.

This will make rndCiv rulesets easier to generate, and will allow
more complex Partisan effects...
   * Refugees
   * high tech 4GW Partisans
   * Elf freedom fighters

This should simplify the code handling Partisans, and doesn't affect
the default ruleset.


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