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On 11/08/07, Marko Lindqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > ./civ --help
>   ...
>   -p, --port PORT       Connect to server port PORT
>   ...
>  One would think that this would automatically connect to server.
> Instead client starts to main menu as usual.

 Figured out how this is meant to be used.

 Attached patch makes help a bit more helpfull. Introduces string
changes, but that's probably lesser evil. IMO should go to S2_1 too.

 - ML

diff -Nurd -X.diff_ignore freeciv/client/civclient.c freeciv/client/civclient.c
--- freeciv/client/civclient.c	2007-08-04 18:39:15.000000000 +0300
+++ freeciv/client/civclient.c	2007-08-11 20:47:55.000000000 +0300
@@ -211,14 +211,14 @@
 			   "Connect to the metaserver at HOST\n"));
       fc_fprintf(stderr, _("  -n, --name NAME\tUse NAME as name\n"));
-		 _("  -p, --port PORT\tConnect to server port PORT\n"));
+		 _("  -p, --port PORT\tConnect to server port PORT (usually with -a)\n"));
 		 _("  -P, --Plugin PLUGIN\tUse PLUGIN for sound output %s\n"),
       fc_fprintf(stderr, _("  -r, --read FILE\tRead startup script FILE "
 			   "(for spawned server only)\n"));
-		 _("  -s, --server HOST\tConnect to the server at HOST\n"));
+		 _("  -s, --server HOST\tConnect to the server at HOST (usually with -a)\n"));
 		 _("  -S, --Sound FILE\tRead sound tags from FILE\n"));
       fc_fprintf(stderr, _("  -t, --tiles FILE\t"
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