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Ive noticed that later on in a game, the AI's start to build Airports,
lots of Airports, and other expensive buildings - especially in rndCiv
where there can be so many more expensive buildings available.

This is ok, until the Nation has put one Airport in every town, even
when the towns are 3 squares away and connected by railway, in the
middle of a island, a very long way away from any enemy.

Ive found that this causes taxes to overtime got to 100% and science
output disappears.  The effect of this is that the AI's get to a certain
tech level and then stagnate.

The solution is prolly quite complex, but the AI needs to penalize
building too many expensive to maintain buildings.  This means taking
into account what other cities are doing.

Rough suggestions...
  * (where C = yearly building maintenance cost)
    allow AI to build in 1/C cities, So All cities can build 1gold
    buildings, but only 1/3 of cities build a 3gold airport.
    This is fairly arbitrary, but may get the AI out of the trap.

  * decrease want by some formula, that takes into account...
     - how useful building is
     - how expensive the building is to maintain
     - how much income the city produces
     - how may other cities nearby have this building


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