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One trick i use in Freeciv is Sealanes.

Sealanes are sentrying one or more ferries to create a
path across the ocean.

This aids management because if Sealanes connect islands
i can just tell a unit to 'goto' some other island, and
it finds it's own way, using the Sealanes.

Of course the Sealanes become a juicy target for sea hunters.

The current AI tends to build too many ships, and then has
trouble using them efficiently.

I think that if the AI creates Sealanes between island it's
interested in (finding shortest routes to park some ships),
it'll a) be more productive at getting units to their destinations,
b) more efficient in cpu cycles, as there is less ferry code to
execute, and c) make the game more fun as you'll notice that an
AI enemy is setting up Sealanes which will become more important
targets to disrupt, and will explicate their naval strategy better.


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