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On Sun, 12 Aug 2007 Marko Lindqvist wrote:

>  Noticed that freeciv.spec.in still contains package for gtk-client
> (that is: gtk1.2). Attached patch fixes obvious errors from
> freeciv.spec.in
>  - gtk-client package removed
>  - typofixes
>  - doc/PEOPLE removed
>  - history ruleset removed
>  - amplio tileset added
>  This is totally untested, as I have no environment to build rpm packages.
>  Still, even if this does not fix it completely, at least it goes to
> right direction. So if nobody points out some errors in it, I will
> commit.

I have spec for beta4 (for ALTLinux), however, it produce only gtk2
subpackage. It also contains several ALTLinux-specific macros.
Anyway, it is attached.

I think, there are some problems with freeciv packaging which could be
solved (more or less) easily. I'll post they in other message.

Thanks, evyscr

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