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On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 Marko Lindqvist wrote:

>  Stable branch simply uses what version information was set for
> previous tag. So currently S2_1 claims to be '2.1.0-beta4'.
>  Not big problem for private play, but in the metaserver real beta4
> and current S2_1 should show up as different things.

And also there is a problem with 'make dist' - it always makes
'2.1.0-beta4' tar.gz with non-'2.1.0-beta4' source...

>  I think we should set real release number for stable branch only for
> the time it takes to tag. That is: 1) Set release version number to
> branch 2) Tag 3) Set branch version number to branch.
>  Another possibility would be to tag with branch version number, and
> then to correct version number in tag (and now svn purists will kill
> me...)
>  By 'branch version number' I mean something like '2.1.0-svn' (or
> maybe '2.1.0-beta4+')

Latter is better in case of packet manager. ('cause "svn" > "beta5".)
However, doesn't 'beta4+' too similar to 'beta4'?

>  If nobody reacts to this mail, I will at least change S2_1 version
> number to '2.1.0-beta4+'.

Just do it! :)

Thanks, evyscr

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