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Michael Kaufman wrote:
> are you sure? inventions is boolean, so if memory serves [it usually
> doesn't; I don't have the packet handling code in front of me] BIT_STRING 
> is going to give you a packet which is ~175 bytes smaller...
Inventions are trinary.

And the code seems willing to send 250KB of attributes without blinking,
but now you're worrying about compression of 175 bytes?  Heck, shouldn't
even be 175 bytes, as there are only 87 inventions....

The smarter course would be to send strings with lengths (maybe it does).

Let's stick to worrying about packets that are more than 1500 bytes, as
those might cause fragmentation and collisions.

If you want to argue about packets, you might try a little Googling my
full name first. ;-)

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