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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Tue Apr 11 17:55:21 2006]:
> Hi.
> I'm testing 2.1.0-Beta1 under windows XP and GTK 2.8
> 1.-I can moving correctly unit with keys, 7,9,1 and 3 not works.

Do you still experience this in 2.1.0-beta4?

> 2.-It's hard to see some buttons in a 800x600 screen, it's work OK if I 
> right click and choose "maximize" option, the screen is resized to 
> display it in the entire window, but not outside the window.

It is a known issue that it can be hard to play Freeciv on 800x600 res
with the GTK2 client. If you could tell us what GUI elements are hard to
reach, this might get improved.

> ¿Any way to see the bug state for 2.1.0?

Do you mean 'known bugs'? Not really, since it is in beta stage. Search
the bug tracker for '2.1' and you'll get a pile of bug reports.

> Un saludo
> Carlos Garcés

Best regards,
Daniel M

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