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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed May 03 19:35:01 2006]:
>  OS - Windows 2000
> Client version -2.1.0 beta  not gtk or sdl.
> Attached is the savegame, drwatson log,
> Can reproduce by loading savegame, logging on as "mark" on local host, 
> starting game., selecting Reports - Players, selecting the Polish AI, 
> and then clicking intellegence button.
> Screenshot of error message (attached) shows that the symptom occurs in 
> tech.c
> Keep up the good work!  I love this game.

Crash still reproducible in 2.1.0-beta4.

BTW, I'm trying to debug the crash with WinDbg. I've gotten as far as
'catching' the crash, but am unsure how to extract any useful data from it.

Could someone who is familiar with Windows debugging please help out?


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