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> [jdorje - Thu May 04 04:51:01 2006]:
> > [s1kevin - Wed May 03 21:12:36 2006]:
> > 
> > The main configuration screen allows itself to be larger than a single
> > screen size.  It does not use a scrollbar of any kind.  I am running
> > 1280x768 on my laptop and the main configuration is taller than my
> > screen.  In order to even click the close button, I have to resize my
> > screen to 1280x1024.  Please consider redoing the layout for the main
> > configuration screen to allow for shorter screen sizes, and add
> > scrollbars to the configuration screen if the user's screen is too small
> > to display the configuration list or divide the main configuration
> > screen into tabs.
> Screen size is an issue for many things in freeciv.  For this particular
> dialog, it sounds like adding a scrollbar is the obvious solution.  But
> what dialog are you talking about?  By "main configuration" dialog do
> you mean the client options or maybe the server settings dialog?
> -jason

We also need to know what client you are running - GTK2, SDL, Win32, or xaw.


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