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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sun Jul 30 13:21:18 2006]:
> I am using a gateway solo 5300 and the scroll function on the touch pad
> doesn't work properly.  The little thing shows up to scroll it when i drag
> my finger on the side but it won't scroll.  Also, when the game
starts, the
> initial window opens and the top bar, with the resize, open, and close
> options, is off the screen at the top and i have to resize it manually
> time i play - this is a pain!  That's all!
> -Deidre

You have to tell us what are you trying to scroll here? The main game
map view or a scrollable field in a dialog?

Also, it would help if you could let us know what version of Freeciv you
downloaded, i.e. the name of the installer file.


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