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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Sep 18 17:21:12 2006]:
> I was playing as New Zealand on an easy game.  I got the Monarchy
> and went to start a revolution.  After clicking yes to confirm I wanted a
> new government, the game crashed.

Cannot reproduce with 2.1.0-beta4 Win32 client.

> Also, if you are a worker unit and click the Orders menu,  The
irrigate and
> mine options say the same thing, like you will be on a forest square
and it
> will say for both "Change to Forest."  And then the O option will be
> "Transform to Forest."

This one I -can- reproduce. You can actually get three orders
incorrectly labeled 'change' or 'transform' to forest - see screenshot.
If you middle-click the worker after issuing the order, you can see the
actual task being done.

BTW, the 'O' command doesn't work in this case and should be disabled.


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