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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Mon Sep 18 17:45:31 2006]:
> It appears to be impossible to satisfy foreign governments when trying to
> make treaties.  On easy, I was negotiating with the Thai, and I gave
them a
> world map, shared vision, 100 gold, two technologies, and a city... all I
> wanted in return was a cease fire.  No deal.  I had done nothing to make
> them angry with me.

It is a known problem that AI often become very hostile without apparent
reason and will never ever 'forgive' you during the game. The reason for
this behavior, is that all AI players play the game to win (i.e.
exterminate everyone else) so if they see you taking the lead (top
score) or a member of a powerful alliance, they will become perpetually
hostile towards you.

This is IMHO a quite depressing play style and effectively removes much
of the fun in player vs. AI games for me. The most annoying part, I
think, is the fact that far-away civilizations you meet late in the game
are already in this terminator-mood - I guess through alliances with
players hostile towards you.

I wish that AI attitudes were decided through 1) your own action - i.e.
attacks on their forces, or 2) strategical rivalry - i.e. control of
fertile land or a body of water etc. Also that attitudes could improve
through lack of armed conflict for a long period of time, bribes, or
general changes in the political geography...

Oh well, sorry about the rant. This is just the no 1 thing that kills
the fun for me in single player Freeciv and I had to get it off my heart.


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