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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Oct 04 08:35:47 2006]:
> Hello,
>   I've been trying the new civ and found what I think are bugs,
> although could be something else I can't figure out.
>   - planes and missiles can't attack land units or cities.

Does it work in 2.1.0-beta4? If not: what system, Freeciv client, and
ruleset are you running?

>   - The production bar in the city dialog box looks empty instead of
> showing the progress of the unit being produced.

See above.

>   - Don't have a dialog box for the established trade routes.

It has been reimagined as a popupbox, which is causing a lot of grief.
Click and hold down the left mouse button on the 'Trade' value in the
city dialog.

>   - it doesn't always tell you when you lose a unit after an attack.

Does this happen when a unit dies of a specific cause, or just randomly?

>   I hope it helps.
>   Otherwise, the game is great, it already was, but the graphics
> improvement makes it friendlier and some of the new features make it
> harder to win (better).
>   Thanks for developing it.
>   Cheers,
> Jose

Thanks for the report.


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