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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> It is a known problem that AI often become very hostile without apparent
> reason and will never ever 'forgive' you during the game. The reason for
> this behavior, is that all AI players play the game to win (i.e.
> exterminate everyone else) so if they see you taking the lead (top
> score) or a member of a powerful alliance, they will become perpetually
> hostile towards you.
> This is IMHO a quite depressing play style and effectively removes much
> of the fun in player vs. AI games for me. The most annoying part, I
> think, is the fact that far-away civilizations you meet late in the game
> are already in this terminator-mood - I guess through alliances with
> players hostile towards you.

I think the AI's would be harder if they were more forgiving.

Let me explain.

Once many versions ago, i played a rev with new ai code,
in this everyone was friendly to everyone else, and competition
for city sites was fierce, but polite.

After a couple of hundred years i got bored with the peace, and
declared war on one weak & annoying neighbour, suddenly everyone
was at war with me, the whole world!

Obviously this behaviour was too intelligent, and besides it
destroyed gameplay.  But it got me thinking.

In moments of weakness, i'll offer peace to some ai im thrashing,
and it won't accept!! How stupid is that.  It's not even trying to
buy a bit of time, to rebuild & wait till im bogged down with my back 

The AI, should ALWAYS sue for peace, if being beaten.

Most of the time, the ai's should be at peace, if they can be,
unless they really really desire war (ie, they think they can grab
a city in the next few turns).  Or they are a long way away and want to
sink your ships.  If there is no immediate tactical utility, to being at
war, they should be at peace.

This means, that as the player is generally superior tactically, they
won't be getting armies destroyed all the time.  If you're not winning
and you may as well not be fighting.  This means more ai's survive, with
larger nations, longer.


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