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> [vasc - Wed May 03 09:32:29 2006]:
> On 5/3/06, jordan allen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> > I don't know if it's a bug or my computer, but I can't load any
>    save-games, it says they are disallowed for security reasons. also,
>    it seems there is a big gap in between marines and riflemen, maybe
>    you could make a unit that is in between the two. thanks for a
>    great game!
> Hello Jordan,
> Are you running as root?
> --
> Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

I get this a lot with client-win32 (despite running as admin.) It only
occurs when loading from civclient, never with civserver. Some savegames
are affected, while others are not. It is really confusing and annoying
and reduces the usability of client-win32 a lot.


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