Christian Knoke wrote:
> I'm very much against any new features in 2.0.99. This will unavoidably
> create new bugs and block the whole process. Just put them in trunk,
> that's why it's there.
Agreed!  Wholeheartedly!

> I see no much point in maintaining 2.0... maybe except for fixing
> obvious bugs. I think 2.1 beta 4 is already more fun to play.
Yep, crashing bugs only!  Note the qualifier "crashing", there are lots of
requests for updates from 2.1, and they should wait.

All bugs and usability fixes should be in 2.1beta, as practical.  Some
things are just too much change to be added there.  My recent mass
revisions of iterators found perhaps 3 dozen minor bugs, but would be
too disruptive to add to 2.1....

Yes, some of those are crashing bugs, and those should be fixed.  But
at least those that were found this week were all in debug code (sadly,
hardly ever exercised), and I don't count crashes in debug code.

All fixes should *first* be tested in trunk.  There are some things
that are fixed in 2.1 that have never been posted to trunk.  I've added
those I've found by comparing sources line by line, but it's hell....

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