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Daniel Markstedt wrote:
> It is a known problem that AI often become very hostile without apparent
> reason and will never ever 'forgive' you during the game. The reason for
> this behavior, is that all AI players play the game to win (i.e.
> exterminate everyone else) so if they see you taking the lead (top
> score) or a member of a powerful alliance, they will become perpetually
> hostile towards you.
This is how the original games worked.  The later games try to improve
the situation, but freeciv doesn't (yet) emulate that behaviour.

> I wish that AI attitudes were decided through 1) your own action - i.e.
> attacks on their forces, or 2) strategical rivalry - i.e. control of
> fertile land or a body of water etc. Also that attitudes could improve
> through lack of armed conflict for a long period of time, bribes, or
> general changes in the political geography...
Sounds good to me....

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