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Daniel Doran wrote:
> In the Microprose game Civilization II, only grassland could have 
> "Resource Shields".  Changing the terrain type to anything else caused 
> the resource to change to one of the two special resources specific to 
> the current terrain type.  A grassland shield could correspond to either 
> Buffalo or Wheat in plains, Pheasant or Silk in forest, Coal or Wine in 
> hills, and so on.
True.  In Civ1, the resource was destroyed entirely.  But we often
changed to grassland, as we could see the repeating pattern, and knew
where shields would appear....

> In the current version of Freeciv, changing the terrain type has (I 
> believe) no effect on the type of resource.  Given the right set of 
> rules and much terraforming, you could end up mining Whales from 
> mountain tops.
Yes, and there have been several proposed patches.  I'll look them up,
and choose something!

> Another difference between Freeciv and Civ II is that resources in Civ 
> II were layed out in a repeating pattern, which left Fish and Whales 
> scattered about in the open oceans, far from shore. 
That's considered a bug, not a feature.  By Civ3, whales only appeared in
seas, and fish in seas or coast, but never deep ocean.

We're moving in that direction.

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