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In the current version of Freeciv, changing the terrain type has (I believe) no effect on the type of resource.  Given the right set of rules and much terraforming, you could end up mining Whales from mountain tops.
Yes, and there have been several proposed patches.  I'll look them up,
and choose something!
I've mixed opinions.  On one hand, mining whales from hills is decidedly odd.  On the other hand, having spice or fruit or wheat or even wine on grassland is quite handy, as is having gold or gems on a tile, such as plains or grassland, where having a road increases the income from it.  And for shield production, nothing beats a hill full of iron with a mine and a railroad.

I imagine five possibilities:
1) the current scheme- resources remain constant regardless of terrain change
2) Civ II style, with fixed cycles or sets of resources, where the resource is always determined by the current terrain and which cycle or set the resource is in.
3) Random- when changing terrain, the resource randomly turns into one of the resources appropriate to the new terrain type.
4) Changing terrain always destroys resource.  (most not-fun option)
5) Ruleset option to pick behavior  (most work)
Another difference between Freeciv and Civ II is that resources in Civ II were layed out in a repeating pattern, which left Fish and Whales scattered about in the open oceans, far from shore. 
That's considered a bug, not a feature.  By Civ3, whales only appeared in seas, and fish in seas or coast, but never deep ocean.

We're moving in that direction.
I found the fish and whales far from shore an excuse to build fresh islands with extra resources.  Send a transport ship or two out loaded with Engineers and a hundred turns or so later--tada, a new island city with as many as six resource tiles to exploit.  If I recall correctly, to do this, you had to tweak the rules and allow engineers to make land out of ocean.

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