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Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>  This ticket can be closed when procedure is documented.
For "svn purists" the latter is preferable.

Remember, unlike CVS, in subversion tags are the same as branches.  There
is no implementation difference, zero copy, and all the usual subversion
advantages.  From the manual:

   In Subversion, there's no difference between a tag and a branch.
   Both are just ordinary directories that are created by copying.

That's why setting the version in the tagged branch is the right thing to
do.  It's a property of the snapshot, not of the S2_1 branch.

And why svn merge of recent S2_1 changes into beta5 is OK.  I really hate
the idea of "skipping" beta5.  Folks will have to explain what happened.
Beta5 has not yet been released to the public.  Yes, there are a few
versions floating around among developers -- but who cares?

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