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On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Problem: the attributes are sent and stored as serialized data, so the
> server has no way to check validity of format.  Many reports of bad
> lengths, and other validity problems.  The problems are not detected until
> sent back to the client after loading a savegame.
> So, the immediate solution is to validate the data in the server to catch
> the problem as it occurs, before it is saved.
> However, there is a question as to their usefulness at all (PR#39558)?

I agree with Mike: Attributes are the wrong solution to whatever problem 
they were meant to solve. I understand the reasoning behind it, a generic 
way to save client state that the server need not understand, but I 
disagree with it, as I do not believe that developing the client and 
server in separation is ever going to be desirable.

   - Per

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