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Pepeto _ wrote:
> I'm using S2_1 with gtk-2.0 support.
>> GTK2 'y' or 'Y' does not select units in multiple tiles.  It selects the
>> same unit from among units in a stack on a single tile....
> Are you sure? Here, with 'y', I select all the units with the same type
> on the view.
Absolutely certain, just checked again.

> You said some times ago, that a move was valid when one of the selected
> unit could do the move.
We are having a communication problem:

## If you want I continue to fix this bug, I would like to know if the
## wrong cursor should be used if one unit cannot do the move, or if all
## units cannot do the move. Thank you.
# If any one unit cannot do the move.

The "wrong cursor" (the international symbol for "no") should be
displayed whenever *any* single unit *cannot* do the move.

In your test case, it should display all the time on every land or water,
because there will always be a unit that cannot reach the destination.

> You are right, this is missing in my patch, but I can fix it. My patch
> only prevents this crash.
I'm not big on papering over problems.  As I said, this needs serious
design consideration.  Slow down, take a deep breath, and maybe look at
some of the other S2_1 bugs listed:


While you are thinking about goto, maybe figure out why the air units are
having problems:


> Are you interested on a next patch, including tilespec.c fixings?
Not soon.  There are too many things to be done by Sunday.  This isn't
ready for prime time.

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