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Sorry, my account is not already create (woodswolf in future).

I don't really understand. Freeciv project is for playing or just an 
exercice of exploit of code?
Anyway, I think your size of 1400 is good and can prevent problem. Ok 
but you can't change it as it! Stability drop. Work must be clean and 
you must prevent incompatibility between 2.0 client/server. This is 
major modification who can justify new release! Open source 
ingeneering worked as it or it's prehaps just my dream.
Anyway, about 50 people play on warserser enterely based on your code 
Improvements added are only for making games shorter in time. It's 
probably why you don't run pubserver anymore.
So we try to devellop our code on your steps. So please, don't react 
as it and do something! 
Don't blame leaver devollopers or missing documentions. Mistake is 
mistake. Doesn't correct it and you make seconds... Doesn't be 
hermetic! You can't develop on know buggy software (Report on the 
meaning of Compatibility)!
Open source developpement give you a possiblity to have many try of 
developpement code on many system. That's help you to have feed back 
of problems. So don't tell us to must use official release and leave 
developpent code. That's first projet that I see want to!


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