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> Hi,
> I had a freeciv saved game that I could load, but upon clicking End turn,
> freeciv 2.0.9 would crash eventually.
> In order to see whether the problem was solved in a newer version I
> installed 2.1.0.beta4. I first uninstalled 2.0.9, this action of
> courseresulted in all my saved games being deleted.. not very nice. A
> app asks first before deleting anything user-created like saved games/
> projects etc, so that's something to fix right there.
> So, unfortunately, I don't have a saved game to send you. The year was
> around 1985, I was playing british on a high res map of europe. I was
> winning, so had loads of units (>500),
> and loads of cities as well. Maybe a memory problem? I think the original
> civ 2, as well as Alpha Centauri, had the same problem. Very frustrating
> since you can't end a game.
> I'm runnng XP with highest patch level on a laptop with 1.5 Ghz
Celeron and
> 1 gb of memory.
> take care,
> Chris.

The 2.0.9 uninstaller deletes only files installed by itself, so the
savegames should still be where they were stored (by default in the game
directory - C:\Program Files\Freeciv-2.0.9-gtk2 or C:\Program
Files\Freeciv-2.0.9-win32). Please look again.

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