On 20/08/07, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is there a ticket for the network compatibility issue in the tracker,
> so I can know when it has been resolved?

 I'll create one tonight.

 Then we have to see that at least some of the most basic tests are
done. Such as seeing that all the clients compile, 'make install' puts
everything to correct place...

About that 'make install': I have tested it occasionally in all
branches. However, (known) SDL bug causes freeciv sound initialization
to always fail in my system. So my testing does not reveal if sounds
are working after install (or if they are working when running from
builddir, either)

 I have been running autogames non-stop for S2_1 since 01:00 EEST
Sunday morning. Last time I had opportunity to check results (around
01:00 EEST Monday), there was nothing serious. Of course this tests
only server end, and even that without any client connections and only
for the things AI initiates - and only against certain kind of bugs
(crash, assert, LOG_ERROR or LOG_FATAL msg)
 Later I'll see reproducibility of those things that have appeared in logs.

 - ML

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