Any ideas regarding PR#39589 (Windows gettext problems)?

The submitted gettext.m4 patch still doesn't completely solve the
detection problem, since it might now be possible (but on Windows
only) that gettext gets falsely "detected" in libintl even if the
libintl.a file is actually missing (but libintl.h not missing, since
it is checked for earlier). In my opinion this is very unlikely to
happen, since both files belong to the same gettext-dev package and
thus should always have been installed together. So I think it would
be ok to commit the patch now and think about a better solution later.
As for the msgfmt error messages, I'd suggest to remove the "-c"
argument for the beta release, so it builds on Windows without having
to patch the tarball, and keep it in S2_1 until a real solution is

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