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I lost the half of the message...
> [wsimpson - Mar. AoĆ». 21 23:06:55 2007]:
>   1) The tiles array is uninitialized; its state is indicated by is_init.
>      Would make more sense to have initially NULL.  Would also make more
>      sense to use fc_calloc, instead of whole_map_iterate() setting zero.
>      (It seems horribly wasteful to have such a large array, one for every
>      possible tile and direction, but that's for another time.)
What tiles array?

>   3) Each unit is saved in the map by id, and converted back to a pointer.
>      Would make more sense to save the pointer in the first place.  Is
>      this a workaround for units that are destroyed during goto selection?
I don't think so. If one of your unit get killed when you are selecting
a new destination, it would crash... Or need to remove the pointer when
the client receive the packet_unit_remove.

>   4) As already discovered, is_goto_valid seems to be based on the final
>      unit in the goto_map_iterate() list.  It doesn't work, as some units
>      can be valid, and others invalid.
Yes, it's what one of the things I tried to fix...

>   5) In addition, connect_initial is also based on the final unit in the
>      goto_map_iterate() list.  It seems that the value saved in each path
>      is based on the previous unit(s).  Makes no sense.
Patrol too. It's really make no sense. This problem could be fixed in
draw_line, where all update functions pass.

>   6) The parameter of is_valid_goto_destination(ptile) is unused.  Clear
>      evidence of partial implementation.
Yes :(

>   8) There are "waypoints" that cannot possibly work for battlegroups that
>      are not already in the same stack.  Moreover, there is no method for
>      communicating waypoints to the server.  Such waypoints could become
>      obsolete as roads are connected during the following turns.
I don't think so. The server doesn't rearrange the path that the client
sent it.

>   9) The code seems to contemplate multiple paths drawn simultaneously,
>      but doesn't work correctly.
I totally agree...

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