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>> Who made the ottoman.rulseset ?
>> Has to be fixed too ...
>> Roman
> An anonymous contributor who left it on the ftp.
> If you want to improve it, just attach an updated ruleset to this ticket
> and I'll commit both.
> Thanks
>  ~Daniel
Well, I have to commit:

a) I'm no expert in ottoman history
b) I didn't find a good list of cities of the Ottoman Empire - neither in  
the turkish wikipedia
    nor via Google...

I just shortened the list to around 60 cities, the first three being the  
which passed in time (Istanbul the latest and longest, before that Edirne  
and Bursa)

And I edited some names (Sultan is a title).

I leave the other fields to someone knowing better too...;-)
(leader=, civilwar_nations=, conflicts_with=)

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