As you are probably aware, I (vasc) am no longer actively coding for
this project. I used to be active in the past, before I, and the other
maintainers, felt we had better avenues to pursue and went elsewhere.
But we still have a place in our heart for this project. See:

We have some new manpower but the House of Freeciv is a bit ruined.

Dust and mothballs are piling up. I believe the first place to start
with, now that the game code and data, our crown jewels, are safe, is
communication. I believe e-mail lists, news, forums are relics of the past.

We should offload all our public group communications to Google Groups.

- Nearly everyone already has a Google account.
- The freeciv-dev and player forum discussions are public anyway.
- It takes no extra maintainer effort from us.
- It does e-mail and it does web forums.

Please discuss.

Vasco Alexandre da Silva Costa

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