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The connection list in gtk-2.0 client doesn't work well. This code
should be rewritten. I won't explain all which don't work here or I will
spend hours to explain.

First, since you get some observers, you got a lot of gtk warnings about
the parent iter which is not valid.

Second, try to test the menu (when you click on a row with the right
button). For example, click try to give a ctrl access level to a
connection (user name "pepeto", player name "THE KILLER"): Instead of
having "/cmdlevel ctrl \"pepeto\"", you get "/cut \"THE KILLER\""!!! But
not worry, /cut cannot work with the player name (/cmdlevel neither) and
"/cut \"pepeto_"" doesn't work neither because the server doesn't remove
the '"'. When you add this kind of feature, you should test it a but
before commit them.

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