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On 25/08/07, Joan Creus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> Hi,
> I have had a problem building Freeciv on the S2_1 branch. I got a linking
> error: it couldn't find popup_theme_suggestion_dialog or
> popup_tileset_suggestion_dialog.
> I am building Freeciv on a Kubuntu system, using GTK. I have found that the
> Makefile on directory client/gui- gtk-2.0 wasn't compiling theme_dlg.c or
> tileset_dlg.c, which is where those two functions are defined. I have added
> them manually to the Makefile, and now I can build the whole enchilada. But
> it would be nice to fix how the Makefile gets generated, to help package
> builders.
> Is it only happening to me?. I got the sources and generated the Makefiles
> in mid-June.

 theme_dlg.c and tileset_dlg.c were added recently. It seems that your
Makefile is not regenerated after that.
 Makefiles are automatically regenerated in situations like this only
if you have used configure option '--enable-maintainer-mode'.
Otherwise you need to rerun autogen.sh after new source files are
added (or actually configure, but it's part of autogen.sh)

 Let us know if you are having this problem with newly generated Makefiles.

 - ML

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